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Dog Obedience Test: My Dog and a Whole Chicken

This is a dog obedience test: dogs are so sweet and adorable. especially when you see them doing their best to avoid doing something that could make us angry. But it is normal to violate certain terms of obedience if things are in direct...

Rich dogs lifestyle that will make you feel poor

It’s almost everyone’s dream to do little work but have a big payout. And when you see how some celebrity pets live, you may want to switch lives with them. They are living the high life, and all they have to do is be the best fur friend to...

lucky dog-rescue [adopted after being thrown down]

this is a very lucky dog, The San Francisco Sheriff's Office arrested a man accused of leaving a Chihuahua-mix puppy with a broken leg in a dumpster for four days last month. The puppy, Rocky, is lucky to be alive, animal control says.