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from firefighting services to celebrity space, the story of a lucky dog ​​who was abandoned in California and was in the right place to be picked up by a gorgeous celebrity, singer and actress, the famous Miley Cyrus.

how thats happen? and what was the whole story?

the abandoned bulldog is now one of Miley Cyrus dogs. the dog was captured at the California fire center and now found a forever home where everyone would pay so much fortune to spend a few days, the bulldog is now home with the sweet singer and actress Miley Cyrus.

when the bulldog showed up at the door of the north-central fire station in the Fresno district, the dog was extremely skinny and dehydrated.

No matter what situation this poor dog was in before she was taken in by Cyrus, we can all agree that every dog ​​deserves to be treated well, and this one was in the right place. and we can all agree that she hit the jackpot and deserves the results.

Miley Cyrus Dog Names

in this video you can find all Miley Cyrus Dog names.

Miley cyrus Husky

there are so many happy and touching dog stories to tell, but also thousands of sad ones.

Los Angeles, CA – Miley Cyrus took advantage of the sunny weather and got her work out on, going for a run with her adorable dog, Floyd in Los Angeles today. Miley listened to her music as she worked out and then at one point stopped her run to chat with a mystery person who pulled up to her in a car, and then it was back to her work out until she stopped again to chat on her cell phone. AKM-GSI April 5, 2012 To License These Photos, Please Contact : Steve Ginsburg (310) 505-8447 (323) 4239397 or Keith Stockwell (310) 261-8649 (323) 325-8055 or Thaissa Kantif Voigt (310) 619-0000

Miley Cyrus is widely known as one of those who love to treat dogs very well, and she once had a sad story with her husky dog, named Floyd.

How did Miley Cyrus dog die?

this Dog died under mysterious circumstances, no one knows the truth, but as one of the dancers on his Bangerz tour said, he was killed by a coyote in a heartbreaking accident.

Miley Cyrus puppy photo

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