Do you have an obese dog ?  do you know that a healthy dog food and in normal quantity is one of the keys to a healthy lifestyle.

One of the thorny problems of poor food hygiene is obesity, which is more and more common in dogs and whose consequences are not immediate, but nevertheless dramatic.

The right weight

‚ÄčThe dog is not a cat, it seems obvious to all, so why do not some masters find it shocking to give their dog a "cat" diet because this one is small? Simply for lack of information. But the cat does not have the same needs as the dog. The dog's diet is very specific. Let us also remember that obesity is the most common nutritional pathology in our consumer societies. Deficiencies are much rarer.

  • How to calculate the ideal weight of your dog?
  • When can we say that a dog is obese?

To answer this question, it is necessary to know that the energy needs of a dog depend on several factors: the stage of the life in which it is located (puppy, gestation, lactation ...), its level of activity, as well as his state of health, are to be taken into account for an exact calculation. The standard of each breed gives a variation of weight in which the dog must be located.

To weigh your dog, weigh yourself, then take it in your arms and repeat the operation. The difference is the weight of the dog. Obesity is due to too much energy being concentrated in the body as fat tissue. It is considered that there is overweight when the weight of the dog is 10% higher than the ideal weight.

Obesity is considered a disease because it causes various pathologies and has an influence on the lifespan of animals.

Origins and factors of obesity

Where does obesity come from? The puppy, for sure, is not born so, even if some are stronger than others.

It's very simple: the dog consumes more energy than it spends. But it's not just because he eats too much that he is overweight. Obesity is a real disease that is caused by a change in the dog's metabolism.

Factors that may seem superfluous result in obesity. For example, two animals eat more when they are together than if they ate alone. It will therefore be necessary to separate the dogs from the same family at the time of the meal. Similarly, the bad habits of the master are at the origin of certain disorders.

Their dog finishes the bowl, they are happy and fill it again. In addition, new foods are increasingly adapted to dogs by their nutritional qualities, but they are also more and more appetizing. It is therefore up to the master to respect the daily doses. It is important to consider foods such as treats outside of meals to calculate the energy your dog is getting.

A dog in good health is not necessarily a dog that swallows everything that is offered to him and that eats a lot.
The sterilization in question
Does operating a dog predispose it to obesity? Yes and no. Of course, there are twice as many obese bitches sterilized as non-sterilized, but their food intake was not changed after the operation. However, in the opinion of all, the expenditure of energy is less important in a male or female operated dog than in a "whole" animal.

The ration must therefore be less energy following surgery. It should not be overlooked that the absence of sex hormones due to castration decreases the use of energy. It is therefore imperative to reduce food intake for operated animals.

Obese and sick dog

The aesthetic aspect may lead some masters to wish to lose weight their dog, but even if you do not adopt this perspective, it is necessary to act, because the pathologies due to obesity are numerous.

In case of obesity, life expectancy decreases. Obesity increases the risk of cancer by 50% according to a recent study by veterinarians. Obesity also causes vascular accidents, breathing becomes more difficult. Joint problems can also result from being overweight.

An obese animal is more than another susceptible to infections and its sensitivity to drugs is different. So that's all the extra attention he should have.

Remedies against obesity

Food will, of course, be the first factor to change. The master must be convinced that the weight loss of his dog is necessary and above all indispensable for his health. A good appetite is a sign of good health, but a dog who eats constantly is "sick".

Warning ! it will be necessary to be vigilant because the dog will very badly accept this restriction food. He will practically persecute the master who must not yield.

The "moral" support of the dog and the master is essential for any diet. In this case, industrial power supply is a great help, even if you did not use it before. Specific recipes to lose weight are proposed. This allows to feed the dog with balanced, appetizing and low energy foods. Beware of the transition between the two diets that must be done over a week to avoid diarrhea! You will gradually introduce the prepared food into the regular bowl.
Canine obesity in 3 points

Factors promoting obesity:

- the presence of two animals during the meal
- the non-respect of the doses
- sterilization
- lack of exercise

The consequences of obesity:

- locomotor problems
- heart diseases
- risk of diabetes mellitus
- reduction of longevity

Hold on in case of strict diet:

- set a program of average duration (2 to 3 months)
- ask a veterinarian for advice
- make a balance sheet per month
- the whole family must respect the instructions
- choose a food that is easy to give
- If you fall, give the dog to friends who will be more strict with him and less sensitive to his complaints.


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